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Making learning impactfull

Bijgewerkt op: 29 mrt. 2020

Every mentor or trainers ‘s ambition is to make learning as impactful and engaging as possible. But how? As promised a weekly tip how to do so: Take a peek into the mind, thoughts, and the traits of an average independent professional or adult. He/she is an individual who believes that he/she is responsible for what happens to them and wants to take charge of their own life. This means your learners are adults with previous knowledge and fixed ideas about what works for them. They are busy and stressed-out folks who hate wasting time. They want learning experiences that HELP THEM meet their needs and achieve their goals. You have to persuade adult learners to rearrange their busy schedule and make time to join your session. But it is easier said than done. Motivating adult learners can be quite a challenge unless you know what makes them tick and what compels them to prioritize and take action.

But how?

🌟 Tip 1: Make it relevant!

🌟 Tip 2: Just in time, Just enough, just what they need

🌟 Tip 3: Practice makes perfect

🌟 Tip 4: No more dragging, only enthusiastic participants

🌟 Tip 5: Leave the professor at home

🌟 Tip 6: Make it fun

You want to know more about this topic?

Download the free e-book: Click this link

You can download the e-book in the same page after you registerd your e-mail.


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