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Workshop Learning Ecosystems

Has the future already caught up with us? Yes is the answer for more than 90% executives worldwide

  • Begint op 20 mrt.
  • Vanaf 157 euro
  • Antwerp

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Beschrijving van de dienst

In times of ever-faster innovation waves that seem to be overwhelming us, building and sustaining an organisation that is nimble, adaptable, resilient and future-proof is more urgent than ever! For the first time, I am therefore organising an #open #workshop for #executives who understand that the future is catching up with us faster than expected. ➡ When: March 20th ➡ Where: Antwerp, Belgium 💡 Target audience: C-level and executives HR, L&D, IT, Innovation, communication, ... others on request. 💡 Exceptional prize: 898 euros Without KMO: 190 euros to pay now + 629 euros via the KMO website 💡Structure of the workshop: PART 1: Why we need to invest in Learning Ecosystems now. • Starting from root-cause analysis, we approach the problems current organisations are facing to identify opportunities for improvement. • We draw inspiration from innovations and cases. • Besides technological innovations, we look at other influences that underpin the urgency of nimble learning strategies, such as the purpose and data-driven organisation, cross-functional working … • Current widely used performance management methods in an increasingly technological ecosystem often seem no longer sustainable. • Organisations do not change in 1 day but go through several steps in the learning maturity model. Recognising these steps and linking them to lean learning often inspires quick-win improvement projects. PART 2: Getting started with the building blocks for a Nimble Learning Ecosystem. • The focus of this part of the workshop is to master the techniques yourself to lead a continuous improvement workshop in your organisation. • The problem statements we defined at the start of the day form the basis for the opportunities we will develop further in a Design Thinking workshop using idea charters. • Starting from the principles of Algorithmic Business Thinking, we approach the opportunities holistically, involving all stakeholders of the ecosystem and looking for connections between the opportunities. • We will learn that innovation is only possible when we prioritise correctly and approach innovation as a continuous improvement process where everything can be questioned. • The most critical step of this workshop is to prepare for the burning platform meeting. For entrepreneurs who want to use the KMO portfolio, you now pay the VAT part, we will send you an invoice to submit to the SME portfolio

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  • Antwerpen, Belgium


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